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FBLFA's Financial Services Regulatory practice advises financial institutions of all sizes as well as national and international companies that offer financial products. We actively advise on a wide range of regulatory, risk management and compliance issues around the world, including major US legislation such as the Dodd-Frank Act, EU cross-border financial services legislation and approaches driven by global financial services bodies such as the Financial Stability Board, the Bank of International Settlements, IOSCO and the IAIS.

We advise clients on a wide-range of issues, such as regulatory issues affecting the viability of the institution; permissibility of activities and investments; anti-money laundering compliance; restructuring of boards and senior executive responsibilities; examination criticisms, regulatory investigations and enforcement actions; regulatory processes for the transfer of assets in banks, including affiliated transfers; matters impacting insurers, non-bank lenders and other financial institutions; and the recovery and resolution of financial institutions; and the regulatory requirements in relation to such actions.

We have close connections with a wide range of regulators around the world, including the FDIC, OCC, Federal Reserve Board, CFPB and state banking regulators in the US, EBA, ESMA, EIOPA at the European level, key national regulators in Europe such as the UK's PRA and FCA, Germany's BAFIN and France's Commission Bancaire, plus many more around the world.

An important and growing aspect of the group's practice involves tracking rapid market and regulatory changes. Regulators in the US and Europe in particular have engaged in a significant overhaul of their regulatory system as a consequence of the global financial crisis. This has been mirrored in many other countries because the changes have very much been driven by the G20 group of countries. FBLFA regulatory partners are often closely involved in many of the leading regulatory initiatives working with legislators, regulators and industry bodies and clients to achieve practical outcomes in the development of regulation.

Our firm has a very integrated and collaborative international practice bringing together regulatory and other lawyers across jurisdictions to obtain regulatory consents, provide comparative assessments of regulations across jurisdictions and resolve regulatory problems. We regularly advise internationally active clients on a wide range of cross-border issues, among them the implications of taking their products into new countries and regions, the regulatory implications of important acquisitions and transactions and the comparative benefits of selecting particular jurisdictions for carrying on business.